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Structural Insulated Panels

SIP stands for Structural Insulated Panels, and they’re gaining popularity in the construction industry. SIPs (structural insulated panels) are foam-filled sheets of fabricated timber that serve as thermal and sound insulation. These panels are manufactured in a factory to meet the needs of a particular building design.

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SIPs are used for both external and internal walls, and are popular because they have a lower environmental impact than conventional brick and block, while also saving time on the job site.

These blank panels begin with a 1.2m-wide format and are available in various standardised heights ranging from 2.4m to 7.45m.

Benefits of Building with Structural Insulated Panels
SIPs have minimal limits as to what type of building they can be used in.

  1. The first benefit of SIPs is that they can be manufactured in factories before being transported to the construction site. This significantly reduces costs and time spent on site during the construction phase dramatically.
  2. Another major benefit of SIPs is that they are environmentally friendly. In contrast to conventional bricks and blocks, SIPs are often constructed out of timber, which is a renewable resource and much easier to acquire.
  3. SIPs are excellent at retaining heat in the building during the winter and deflecting heat during the summer. As compared to conventional brick and block, they are cut with extreme precision, resulting in excellent air tightness and lower overall u-values.
  4. SIP’s are proven to be very strong against extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and very high winds.


Types of SIPs

There are two main types of structural insulated board:

  • EPS (expanded polystyrene). These boards are made up of thousands of small foam beads.
  • Injected fibre-free rigid urethane core.



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